How to fix ‘Server Not Trusted’ error

On some devices and software configurations it’s possible to encounter an error during Blinkup that shows a message, ‘Server Not Trusted’. This has to do with device security and the SSL certificates used during the blinkup process only.

If you see this message, you will need to install an SSL certificate.

The fix:

Manually download the certificate to your mobile device. On many devices you can simply tap the downloaded file to begin the installation process.

Further support

If your device does not install the certificate automatically after opening the file, you can try an alternate file format (.pem) here.

If your device still does not allow you to install the certificate, please consult device-specific instructions below. Note that these instructions are provided by Cloudflare for their certificate, but the installation process is the same for the electricimp certificate.

Still having trouble?

If you are still having trouble with the ‘server not trusted’ error message after trying to install the certificate provided, please reach out to