Bluefish for Razor Installation and Setup

Thanks for purchasing Bluefish for Razor!  Please watch the video below before installing your new controller.  Once you’re up and running, give the user manual a read so you can understand all of the features of your new controller.  Please note that only channel 4 and 6 are usable on this particular controller (as the Razor fixtures only have two control channels).

Installation Video

BlinkUp Troubleshooting

If your Bluefish controller is not connected to your network, it has no way of telling the app what the cause of network issues are.  Instead, the Imp card uses it’s status LED to blink a pattern that will let us know what the exact issue is.

To check network connection:

Observe the light on the Imp card.  If it is blinking, compare to this chart.  If the light is off, it is most likely connected and things are working normally.  To test, you may disconnect power to the controller for a few seconds.  After plugging it in, the card will flash for a few seconds as it is connecting to the network, followed by single green flashes indicating successful connection and operation.  The light will then go off completely, which is normal operation.

To change network settings:

When configuring your Bluefish controller with BlinkUp, please ensure the following:

  • The device is powered on
  • The status LED is blinking. If your status LED is not blinking, you may need to restart your device or remove and insert the Imp card
  • The screen of your mobile device is as close as possible to the BlinkUp sensor for the entire time the screen is blinking
  • Your phone and device are as stationary as possible during BlinkUp


For Android, get the latest version of the Bluefish 2 app, and turn off Power Saving and turn up your screen brightness to maximum (NOT auto) for the steps below:

1) Go to BlinkUp > Clear WiFi Settings.  The card should be blinking orange repeatedly at this point.  If it is not, then repeat this step until blinking orange.

2) Then go to BlinkUp > Choose Wireless Network and perform blinkup with your network password.  Wait 20 seconds after blinkup and observe light on the card.  If it is still blinking orange, repeat this step.

3)  If the card blinks green (it will do this for a minute, and then the light will go off), then you are connected successfully.  If it is blinking any other pattern, compare to this chart. Scroll down the page to find the cause of the connection issue.  Correct the problem, and then repeat all of the steps above.


Still need help?

If you still have issues, please contact with your username (or the MAC address on your Imp card), and the name of the pattern showing on the card (as stated on the chart above ie. “Joining Wifi Network”).


For detailed information on the imp’s wireless networking requirements and on issues which may arise during an imp’s attempt to connect to wireless networks, see ‘Network Requirements for imp-enabled Devices’.