$30.00 USD

The Bluefish Power Dimmer allows you to control many common LED strips.  The Power Dimmer is connected in-line, between the power supply and LED product, and accepts the same mini-audio style plugs from your Bluefish controller.  One power input and two outputs means the Power Dimmer functions as a splitter.  Each Power Dimmer has 2 channels of control, and can handle up to 120W per channel.

The Power Dimmer modulates the power to your LEDs with a PWM signal from the Bluefish controller. Essentially, PWM is turning the LEDs on/off much faster than your eye can see. This is the accepted “right” way to dim LEDs, as the spectrum remains the same despite the brightness.

Supported Compatibility:

–  Ecoxotic Stunner LED strips
–  Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED modules
–  Current USA TrueLumen LED strips
–  Current USA  Orbit Marine fixtures

The Bluefish Power Dimmer may work with other simple low-voltage LED products.  However, use with products not in our compatibility list is at your own risk, and not supported by customer service.





Additional information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 1 cm

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