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Upgrade your Razor fixture with wifi control and weather simulation!  This is a complete drop-in replacement for the controller in your Maxspect fixture.  It is completely contained within the fixture.  See this page for installation and setup instructions.

Not compatible with Maxspect R420R Nano.

-Bluefish controller module
-Electric Imp Wi-Fi card
-4 x fan connection cables

Bluefish is in no way associated with Maxspect.  This is a third party product.  Maxspect and R420R are trademarks of Maxspect Limited.


Built-in Wi-Fi connection means you are up and running in a snap.  No messing with long runs of ethernet cable or finicky Wi-Fi gateways.  The cloud connection means your device is instantly accessible from anywhere, with no router configuration necessary.

Bluefish makes it easy to replicate the lighting conditions of any location, using actual weather data in real time! Just choose a city, and optionally use the current weather conditions (clouds, storms, etc), sunrise/sunset times (dynamic photo-period), and moon phase!  Powered by

Bluefish simulates unique cloud cover patterns using the current weather conditions from your simulated location.  Unique weather conditions include clear, partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, scattered clouds, rain, haze, overcast, and thunderstorm.

Integrate the video feed from webcams directly into the app! Check up on your tank, make changes remotely, or just have fun showing off….start a thunderstorm and watch the action from anywhere!

Start a thunderstorm from the app and lighting strikes are synchronized with audio from a real thunderstorm. Connect your phone or tablet wireless to a Bluetooth speaker for maximum effect!

Wi-Fi configuration is extremely quick and easy. Select your network, enter the password, then hold the screen of your mobile device to the sensor on top of the Bluefish device. Your mobile device sends the configuration by flashing the screen (think Morse code). In about 10 seconds, your Bluefish controller is online and accessible from anywhere. Absolutely no router configuration necessary! Programming your light schedule and customizing your channels is a snap.

Bluefish was created with your security in mind.  End-to-end SSL encryption protects your data from prying eyes, and your settings are stored securely in the cloud.


  • • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
    • 20MHz 11n channels, 1 x 1
    • +16.75dBm max output power (802.11b)
    • -97dBm typical sensitivity (1Mbps)
    • Integrated antenna with 2.5dBi max gain
  • 32-bit Cortex M3 processor
  • Robust embedded operating system with fail-safe automatic firmware updates
  • 4096 steps (12-bit PWM) of individual LED brightness control.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Apr 26, 2014, 11.25.05 AM  iOS Simulator Screen shot Apr 26, 2014, 11.24.48 AM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Apr 26, 2014, 11.24.44 AM  iOS Simulator Screen shot Apr 26, 2014, 11.31.12 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is it necessary to have my Apple/Android device connected at all times in order for the controller to run properly?

A.  No, the app is required to change settings only.  It is not necessary to be connected through the app for the controller to function.

Q.  Can I use the app on multiple devices?

A.  Yes.  Your Bluefish controller settings are associated with your user account.  You can log in from any Android/Apple device with your username and password.

7 reviews for Bluefish for Maxspect Razor

  1. Spencer (verified owner)

    The Bluefish for Maxspect Razor works great minus 1 omission (fan control) and a few other minor tweaks. The installation and setup were very easy. The installation video was extremely helpful.

    Good Features:

    Light programming- With a little bit of playing around the light schedule is easy to figure out, and there is enough flexibility to customize it. A post on a forum suggested being able to manually adjust light levels/times within the line graph screen. I agree that would be a great feature. Also the nighttime simulated moonlight is great, but It would be great if it could be timed to shut off so that it doesn’t run all night.

    Reset to normal- Great feature that automatically resets to the normal light schedule after fooling around with thunder, demo or other settings.

    App- The app in general is very intuitive and easy to navigate.

    Main omission::::::

    Fans. It doesn’t use the temperature sensor to control the fans. After installing the fans turned on with the lights. Before, never turned on. This is annoying because they are loudest thing on my tank. After searching I saw that the fans are only needed when the temperature climbs above 120-125 deg F. For the Razors, this pretty much never happens unless the light levels are at 100% and/or the unit is in a canopy with limited air cooling. I go nowhere near 100% and mine is out in the open so I just disconnected the fan wires. I did buy a temperature sensor for $15 that I plan on installing, mostly just for the fun of another project, but It’d e nice to have that piece of mind.

    Other suggested “nice to have” features (may be what the development area is for?):

    Preset modes: I use the “photo mode” as my “movie mode” to dim the lights if I’m watching a movie (tank is in the living room). It’d be nice to have a dedicated modes with their own “Reset to Normal” timer. I like having the shorter 10min reset, but if I’m watching a movie or taking a nap, I’d like to have it be longer, without changing everything.

    Weather simulation: Demo and thunder simulations are nice, but I’d like to have a more subtle, rolling clouds type effect to make the tank more dynamic without the wild light swings in the other two modes. The Current Orbit Marine that I upgraded from had this feature and I used it all the time.

    Light control: If possible with the razor, dimming one side of the tank for coral acclimation, lower light corals, or with above to create a rolling cloud effect. My razor has three pucks, so dimming the far right where I keep mushrooms for example.


    I’m very happy with controller. It’s minus 1 star because of the fan control. Otherwise it’s a great start and I look forward to added features.

  2. Stuart (verified owner)

    Very very pleased with the way this has transformed the lighting cycle on my Razor. It really is a first class upgrade that Maxspect should be talking to these guys about.

    So far no down side at all, thunder storms with a bluetooth speaker keep the kids entertained and I really like the fact that you can use weather from around the world. Just be aware that when you set your local time the lights will cycle from around 6:00am your time so if you like to watch your tank in the evening you will need to set local time around three hours before. Just use the graph on your chosen foreign location to see how far you need to go back.

    Default lighting is around 50% but you can adjust this in the lighting part of the app for evening, morning, afternoon, etc.

    Just be aware that you have to fit this yourself but the you tube video is spot on so that shouldn’t cause a problem. Only one caution and this may just be quirky on my Galaxy S5, when you blink up do make sure the light unit is upside down. I didn’t spot this on the video to start with and every blink failed. Turned it upside down and the blink was successful immediately.

    All in all money well spent and it was delivered to the UK well within the time frame specified.

  3. John (verified owner)

    Quick and easy installation, so far, everything working with no problems.

  4. Olivier (verified owner)

    Amazing functions, like weather (cloud&storms), sunset and sunrise time auto adjustment all synchronisation in real time with any geographical situation in the world.
    Easy set-up.
    Works great and come with an improvment on blue channel dimming for moon light effect allowing 0.1% dimming instead of 1% with original board.
    To be perfect it just need to allow canal designation change as the Fresh Water Razor channels are red and blue and not white and blue like in reef Razor.

  5. (verified owner)

    Awesome card and makes life a lot easier than org pane.
    Besides that I like that I can adopt the weather from around the world.
    Next thing is to add a android device and add the thunderstorm sound 🙂

  6. james (verified owner)

    Thanks Spencer, your product worked flawlessly. Installation was a breeze after watching the video. I had to do the blink-up 2 or 3 times to get it to link but after that everything was perfect. I am running 2 razor’s so it was a real pain to try and program both units with the stock hardware twisting knobs, etc. My only wish is it would be awesome to have a speaker attached directly for the thunderstorms, but that is just me being anal.. Product 5 Stars!! Very Nice.. Would recommend to anyone, well worth it.

  7. v_stavenuiter (verified owner)

    Easy to build in, working as Expected.
    Installed the app. Configuration of the card was easygoing. Now I have weather simulations onto my Maxspect razor. It’s creating sunrise and sunset . Perfect product.

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